Eco-friendly, smart technology combined with a unique design makes this Air Conditioner design the perfect choice for your home. This room air conditioner maintains the desired temperature and features an invisible air outlet, making it a versatile addition to your décor.

Suited to commercial office spaces and retail environments, Midea’s Slimline 4-way Cassette Air Conditioner offers a newly designed fan blade and built-in throttle to reduce noise.Available in fixed speed or inverter, the air conditioner unit also has a sub duct which allows you to cool an additional smaller space using the same unit.

Install a low noise Underceiling Air Conditioner vertically against a wall, or horizontally on a ceiling and have its sleek design blend seamlessly with the décor in your office or retail space.

With its compact design, the Ducted Hideaway Air Conditioner can be easily mounted in a ceiling void in a commercial office or retail space, and offers flexible control and easy maintenance.

Evaporative air coolers use a fan to draw in warm stale air, where it passes over water-moistened pads. This immediately cools the air.Then evaporative coolers release this cool moisturized air into the space. ?It's similar to the feeling of feeling a chill when you get out of a pool even on a warm day.

Enjoy clean air and a comfortable temperature in whichever part of the home you find yourself with a Portable Air Conditioner / Cooler. Move from room to room with ease and cool, or heat, an area of up to 25m2.

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